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Try these steps

1. Remove pod or cartridge from device battery.

2. Try multiple quick, sharp inhales from the removed pod/cart/tank.

If none of the above mentioned points help, please reach out via our Contact Page.

3. If step 2 did not solve the issue, try warming the pod/cart/tank between your fingers. Then re-do step 2.

4. Finally, you can also try warming the pod/cart/tank with a warm towel. This should thin up the contents enough for step 2 to work.

If the clog is fixed, you'll feel a small clearing. Also, the airflow will be increased.

Most often this is a problem with the battery device you've chosen to use. Some things to check

1. Device battery is adequately charged

2. There is airflow to your pod/cart/tank

3. Your pod/cart/tank is making contact with the battery

If none of the above mentioned points help, please reach out via our Contact Page.

Everyone has a different tolerance. You can try lightly increasing your dosage until you feel the desired effects. Always wait 1.5-2 hours before dosing up!


All orders ship by the next business day. However, most often we are able to ship on the same day we receive your order & payment. Any order we receive after 3:00pm EST, will have to be shipped next business day.

This depends on your shipping address, as well as the shipping service. Most often you can expect to receive your order within 2-3 days maximum. If you do not receive your order within 5 business days, please reach out to us via the Contact Page.

If you would like to have your order shipped to a different address than the one on your ID, please email us. We can then verify that you are in fact the one who will receive the shipment.


Yes. We only sell consistent products which have been thoroughly tested. First, the concentrate is tested on its own. Next, the finished product of each batch is also tested. We stand by the quality. 

We only use two ingredients in any vape product. The main ingredient is THC distillate, which is lab tested, with a 94% THC content. Also, there is 5-8% of organic terpenes. The terpenes are usually Pinene, Mycrene, Limonine, Humulene, Linalool, etc. These are 100% organic. Those should always be the only two ingredients of a THC vape product!

ALWAYS start with the recomended dose on the package! The dosing may vary between products, because of the varying contents. For first time use, never veer away from the instructions on package